You Were Cool
14 April '16


One of the first steps, and often one of the most difficult steps to feeling better and getting help is self care. A big part of that self care is reaching out to others and telling them you're not ok, and developing a really awesome support network. Stigma is gross and it's real, but fuck that shit, man. Tell a pal, tell a therapist, tell a family member. Just don't do it alone.

If you know somebody who you think might be really down, the Canadian Mental Health Association is a good place to start for information and resources. When I was in a really bad place, a friend of mine pumped me for my sadness information and then dragged me to the hospital. Sometimes you gotta just *go to the hospital*.

Here's a really amazing comic on depression by Allie Brosh. It made me cry because I'm a huge secret baby. It's made its rounds but I think it is an important creation that we shouldn't forget.

If anybody wants to send me more resources to post, I would be happy to add them!