You Were Cool
06 November '19

"Core beliefs are basic beliefs about ourselves, other people, and the world we live in. They are things we hold to be absolute truths deep down, underneath all our “surface” thoughts. Essentially, core beliefs determine how you perceive and interpret the world. They sit in the basement of your mind."

I have several negative core beliefs (what I've started thinking of as "wounds"). One of these beliefs is that I am "unlovable." I don't consciously believe that is true, but I am certain it sits in my unconscious. I've been examining and trying to respond to them, unlearn them. It's been helpful to discover what these are, and to try and recognize how I unconsciously steer towards them. It also sucks a whole lot. It's hard to look at. But worthwhile, so far.

Also, I will now be referring to the unconscious as the "mind basement." Thank you.

- Kelly